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Identifying Which Shipments Haven’t Been Invoiced

Managers can use Eos to view detailed information about Shipments. This functionality enables them to identify whether or not a Shipment has been invoiced.

To identify which shipments haven’t yet been invoiced

  1. Click on the dropdown next to Invoicing and select Management. Management
  2. Click on Shipments at the top.
  3. Set the date range using the calendars at the top of the screen. Date Range
  4. Using the Primary menu at the top select All Not Invoiced Between Specified Dates (Based On Shipment Opened Date). Apply any other filters necessary for the task at hand from the dropdown menus at the top.

Any Shipments that haven't been invoiced are displayed in tomato. You can raise a request for the Shipment to be invoiced, or an inquiry with the user as to why the Shipment hasn’t be invoiced, by clicking Email at the bottom right of the screen and sending the filtered results to a user.

A Shipment will never be invoiced. How do I mark it as such?

Sometimes a Shipment is created for the purpose of organising Items under which an invoice will never be raised. In this instance click on Shipment Not To Invoice.

Similarly if an invoice needs to be raised against a Shipment which is marked as Not To Invoice click on Shipment To Invoice.


All Eos services are running normally

We are pleased to report that the earlier issues with Eos Publish have been resolved.

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