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Producing Job Reports

Job reports can be raised for a number of purposes, from internal record keeping such as Shipment summaries, to issuing instructions on the packaging or labels describing the contents of a Shipment.

To produce a Job report

  1. Click Jobs on the left of the screen and select a Job from the list.
  2. Click Reports at the top of the screen and select a report type from the following options:
    Shipment Front SheetThis is a Shipment summary that can be used internally for your records.
    Packing InstructionThis can be used to issue packing instructions for your Items, either to your own warehouse or externally.
    InventoryProduces a list of your Items, which can include images, dimensions and other information.
    Customs InvoiceThese can accompany shipments of Items leaving the country.
    LabelsAllows you to create customisable labels which can be attached to packing to show its contents.
    You can switch between the report types on the Reports screen by clicking on the tabs below the Items list.
  3. Select the Items you want to include in your report by placing a Tick next to the Item in the far left column. You can select multiple Items by holding CTRL while selecting multiple rows and clicking Tick next to Selected or you can select all the Items in the list by clicking Tick next to All. Job Reports
  4. Enter your report details to specify the information that will be included on your report.
  5. When you’ve entered all the details required in your report, Email, Save Print it by selecting one of the options on the bottom left of the screen.
  6. When you’ve completed your report, click Done.

All Eos services are running normally

We are pleased to report that the earlier issues with Eos Publish have been resolved.

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