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Adding Dimensions to an Item

Adding dimensions to an Item allows you to keep track of the overall volume of all the Items in a Job or Shipment. This information can be viewed by clicking Information on the Job or Shipment screens and can be displayed on certain reports. It also optionally allows your customers and clients to access this information from the Eos Publish website.

To add dimensions to an Item

  1. Click Jobs on the left of the screen and select a Job from the list.
  2. Click Items at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the Item you want to add dimensions to. You can use the search bar or the filters at the top of the page to help you locate the Item.
  4. Click Dimensions.
  5. Click Add. Dimensions
  6. Enter the dimension details:
    Dim. TypeThese could be the dimensions of the item or the storage dimensions. Select from the dropdown menu.
    Dim. UnitSelect a unit of measurement for the dimensions.
    LengthType in the length.
    WidthType in the width.
    HeightType in the height (optional).
    ManualChoose whether volumes and super-dimensions are calculated automatically or filled in manually by selecting a Tick or a Cross.
    Vol. UnitThis is determined automatically based on the Dim. Unit and whether you specify 2 or 3 dimensions.
    VolumeType in the volume (if set to manual, otherwise this is calculated automatically).
    NotesType in any additional notes.

All Eos services are running normally

We are pleased to report that the earlier issues with Eos Publish have been resolved.

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