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Viewing an Item’s History

An Item’s history enables you to view the previous movements of an Item. You can also produce a filtered report of an Item’s history which includes a summary of movements along with item volumes moved in and out for the purposes of billing.

To view an Item’s history

  1. Click Pictures on the left of the screen and select a Job from the list.
  2. Click Tools then Item History. The list on the left contains all the Items contained within a Job and you can see an Item’s history by selecting it. When you select an Item, the Item’s movement history is shown in the list on the top right. The Item’s details are shown in the list below the movement history and they are a snapshot taken at the time the movement was generated.

To produce a report of an Item’s history

  1. Click Report Options.
  2. Select the details you’d like to include in your report:
    Primary FilterSelect whether you want all movements or the movements relating to the selected Item with or without a date range included in your report.
    Date FilterSet the date range if you've selected a Primary Filter which includes one.
    Item DescriptionsSelect whether you’d like the Item description to be included in your report.
    Unit of MeasurementSelect whether you want the Item dimensions to be displayed in Metric or Imperial units.
    Item History Report
  3. When you’ve selected the details for your report, you can Email or Save your report by selecting one of the options at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. When you’re finished, click Done.

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