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Importing Items from an Excel File

Eos software allows for the importing of Items into a Job from Excel files.

The import feature is designed to be as flexible as possible however your Excel file and data must meet certain criteria.

Importable data and restrictions

The following Item data can be imported into Eos Jobs. You will find detailed descriptions of the different Item fields here.

Number Must be a numeric value. Option to Preserve Item Numbers from the Settings tab must be set to include within the import. If a non-numeric value is detected during import the Item will be skipped.
DescriptionNo restrictions.
No. Pieces Must be a numeric value. If value is greater than 0 then an In location is automatically created with the number of pieces specified.
CircaMaximum length of 20 characters.
OriginMaximum length of 50 characters.
Prox. Ref.Maximum length of 50 characters.
Bond/TIField contents should be either ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ (without quotes).
Bond/TI ReferenceMaximum length of 100 characters.
Insurance Group Field contents should be one of the following codes (without quotes).
  • ‘I1’ – Non Breakable
  • ‘I2’ – Semi Fragile
  • ‘I3’ – Fragile
  • ‘I4’ – Personal Effects (where applicable)
CurrencyMust match a currency symbol available in Eos. i.e. £
NotesNo restrictions.
Cond. ReportNo restrictions.

Preparing your Excel file

Your Excel file should implement the following.

  • Feature a single sheet.
  • Column headers must be present on row 1.
  • You should ensure numeric columns contain numeric values through the whole sheet.
  • There should be no breaks between rows of data.

To import an Excel file

  1. Click Jobs on the left of the screen.
  2. Select the Job and optionally the Shipment you want to import to.
  3. Import Items At the top of the screen, click Tools then Import Items.
  4. Select an Excel file to import by clicking on Pencil. The file can be in either XLS or XLSX format. The data will appear in the list below.
  5. From the drop-down lists beneath the Item field labels under the Columns tab select the associated column name from your Excel file. If you don’t want any data imported into an Item field you can leave the selection as ‘Nothing’. Import Excel Files
  6. Under the Settings tab select from the following options.
    Download Into New Shipment: Will create a new shipment to download into. Current Shipment: Will download into currently selected shipment.
    Preserve Item NumbersWill attempt to use the item numbers assigned to the Item Number field. This setting will be ignored if the Item Number field is set to ‘Nothing’.
    Specify Start NumberWill attempt to start item numbering at the number specified.
  7. Once you have everything in order click on OK.

All Eos services are running normally

We are pleased to report that the earlier issues with Eos Publish have been resolved.

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